It’s funny: You help your members and customers relax, center themselves, and de-stress by creating happier, healthier lifestyles …


But … you find yourself stressed to the max while trying to build a successful business. 


Stressed over how to foster lasting loyalty, when it seems that for every new customer or member who walks through your door, one doesn’t renew their contract or show up to the next meeting …


Stressed over the 4 new wellness competitors on the block that seemed to all open their doors overnight  …


Stressed over how to deliver on your promise to help people heal and live healthy lives, when you’re so focused on how to run your business or group without bleeding money …



Running Your Wellness Business Shouldn't Be This Stressful

You yearn to live the stress-free, active lifestyle that you’re devoted to helping your customers and members achieve. But between staying on top of marketing trends, growing your customer base, and keeping the back office afloat, you’re stretched as thin as a pilates band. 


There is an easier way.


A way for you to put the focus back on your true passion—helping your members and students have life-changing wellness experiences. 


A sustainable growth strategy tailor-made for health, wellness, and active lifestyle organizations fueled by shared passions. 

Introducing: Group Journeys By Essential Wellness Travel

We partner with health and wellness businesses and non-profit groups to take your customers or members on life-changing trips customized to your shared passions. 


Lead a sunrise yoga session as you sail through the Caribbean on a wellness cruise.


Cycle past the undulating golden hills of Andalusia in Spain with your biking group. 


Meditate together on the banks of Belize’s softest sand beaches. 


On an Essential Wellness group journey, you get an unparalleled chance to connect with your customers and members and grow your following while you honor your passions and tap back into your “why”—creating the opportunity for radical transformation for your followers. 



Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Travel builds incredible bonds. After a week or two spent learning, teaching, and growing with your best customers on your group trip, you’ll turn these customers into lifelong fans and your biggest brand advocates. For membership groups and clubs, group trips allow incredible space for your group members to truly “gel.” We will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure we fully understand your goals for the trip and create an experience your followers are truly craving. 


Standout from the Competition

Marketing flyers and social media posts can only get you so far. Your customers and prospects crave experiences. Invest in experiential marketing with a group trip that helps you stand out in the oversaturated health and wellness market. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of powerful “word-of-mouth” advertising. Each time one of your travelers posts a trip selfie or shares about your incredible experience, you get your name in front of more prospects who may be a perfect fit for your business or group—at no additional cost to you! 


Create New Revenue Streams

When we say “invest,” we’re simply talking your time, not your money. In fact, a group trip presents an opportunity to add an additional revenue stream to your business or raise funds for your non-profit, as we explore options and arrangements for our partnership. If you meet group minimums for your trip, as the group leader you may even be able to travel for free! 


Who we work with:


  • Yoga and fitness studios

  • Massage centers

  • Cycling clubs and retail stores

  • Health and wellness practitioners

  • Hiking clubs and outfitters

  • Leaders in wellness practices like mindfulness and meditation

  • Sports clubs

  • Wellness-focused non-profits

  • Health and wellness clubs and meetup groups






You focus on fostering connections—we’ll bring your tailored wellness trip to life!


Think a group trip can help you support your health and wellness business or group? Schedule a complimentary consultation call to learn more—we’d love to answer your questions and determine if this is the right growth strategy for you!


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