Meet Lauren Maslanka, founder of Essential Wellness Travel


For me, wellness is about one thing: rest.


I don’t necessarily mean simply “resting” by the hotel pool. I mean being fully inspired and engaged in the present moment. Participating in activities that rest my mind but invigorate my soul. Tackling challenges that exhaust my body but restore my spirit. 


And there’s no better way to soak in that sense of rest than through travel. 


That’s why I’m so passionate about helping travelers press “pause” on their busy lives and rest, whatever that means to them.


And I’m passionate about helping businesses achieve their health and wellness missions with ease, making more room for rest in the lives of their customers. 


So whether you’re after a meditative retreat enveloped in stillness or an active adventure that pushes your muscles to the point of exhaustion …


… I invite you to put down the smart phone, check out of your mental to-do list, slow down, and simply—finally!—rest. 


As a wellness travel expert, I’ll ensure you embark on a wellness journey that’s custom-tailored to your trip vision, not an off-the-shelf travel package. Because your journey to wellness begins with what YOU need. 


And speaking of “rest” … I’ll make sure you’re feeling rested even before you embark on your trip by planning it all for you. Take advantage of my partnerships with top travel suppliers with an itinerary that’s equal parts pampering and invigorating, and always crafted with an eye toward taking you off the beaten path. 


I’d love to learn what “rest” means to you. Book a complimentary planning call with me to get started on your next journey to wellness with ease​.



  1. I’m endlessly curious about all things wellness, from ancient wellness practices and alternative medicines, to the latest research-backed discoveries in the field of health. I take a holistic approach when it comes to my own health and wellness, regularly taking time to nurture my own need for mindfulness, self-reflection and connection through travel. 

  2. I’m conscious of the impact I make when I travel. I strive to work with eco-friendly companies that promote sustainability when I plan trips for my clients.  

  3. As a student, I studied anthropology and archaeology. I have always been curious about other places and cultures—our human experience interpreted and expressed in different ways.  I dreamt of being Indiana Jones when I was a kid, always heading off on a new adventure, cracking codes and solving riddles! Designing interesting and sometimes complex, personalized travel itineraries is sort of like solving a puzzle too, as I figure out how to piece together an experience I know my client will love.  

  4. I have 12+ years of experience working in purchasing and procurement, so I’m very comfortable navigating contracts and fine print—which is exactly what wellness businesses need to be on the lookout for when they invest in a group trip. My experience in procurement has also taught me the value of creating and nurturing strong partnerships that are built on mutual respect and that result in true wins for both parties —and a BIG win for the customers who accompany you on a life-changing trip!

  5. An episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations inspired me to criss-cross Ecuador with little more than a backpack and a sense of adventure. Hiking through the mystical, awe-inspiring cloud forests reaffirmed my passion for exploration and inspired me to take the first steps to create my own travel business. 



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